“I have played around with a lot of themes for Concrete5 since I first discovered this CMS about a year ago. The themes from c5mix are the cream of the crop. It was well worth the price and transformed our site to a much higher quality level.”
“The support I've had has been outstanding, prompt (despite the time difference between UK & US) and detailed. Chris has been absolutely first class and I can recommend him 100%. People like Chris earn the communities they work in respect and credibility. Brilliant!”
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“I'm new to the world of website design but I must look like an old pro with what I've been able to create with this theme. I'm very happy with the resultant website and the support has been excellent as well. Thank you very much for a great product and service.”
“If I were to say nothing else, the c5mix people are professional as are their themes. I am a designer and there is very little that I want to change in their themes, if I wish to, there are plenty of built in options, so generally I am left with only the content production.

Finally, you get a theme from these guys, ask them about anything, you get an answer right back.”
“Chris Seymour has helped my company build themes for Concrete5. He’s quickly and with wonderful precision been able to translate the graphic design work into working themes and offered effective solutions to design challenges. If you are looking for help building themes for a website, I highly recommend his services.”